While in school, Greg was showing work in cafes and coffee houses around L.A. The owner of one cafe in Westwood, after selling a couple of Greg’s paintings to patrons, decided to ask him to paint a large scale mural in the back patio of the cafe. This was the first time he had ever worked on such a large scale, and began developing a conceptual scene that would span a wall space approximately 30′ x 6′.As a result of this initial mural for the (no longer existant) Art Cafe in Westwood, he was commissioned to paint a mural in a private home in San Francisco, as well as the facade of a flower shop in Westwood.

Most recently, Greg worked on numerous murals for the set of an independant film, ‘Bobby’s Big Top,’ and continues painting murals when his schedule permits. More images to come..

“Art Cafe” mural, Westwood (L.A.)

“Papillon Flowers” Westwood (L.A.)

Working on a series of murals for the film “Bobby’s Big Top”

Scenic painting “Bobby’s Big Top” 2005

“MILO” Photography Studio Facade

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